Please make the world a better place

Since I have been retro-surfing with the PowerBook, I have also been experiencing a somehow familiar (albeit unpleasant) feeling. Pages get stalled, nothing renders until I'm beginning to wonder whether the wireless connection has been interrupted, and more often than not the CPU load indicator goes up through the ceiling. It's like there's something wrong with the web nowadays.

It didn't use to be like that. This computer was SUPER FAST compared to its contemporaries back in 2005; even compared to Macho PC laptops. It was still pretty decent when I used it last, in 2010. Heck, I used it pretty much exclusively for news/blogs reading back then! I wouldn't have been able to do so at this speed; I would have got desperate and gone back to the desktop computer.

Oh, but don't dismiss me with a "then buy a faster computer, stupid!". Don't be so quick, because I have been getting the same issue when browsing with mobile phones, and that's why the feeling was familiar. It is, in fact, a widespread web disease: pages are just so overloaded with heavy Javascript calls to oversized frameworks, unnecessary embeds and stuff, they simply hang while those little cute ARM dual/quad cores try to build the DOM tree before the battery runs out. Most of the times, if a page doesn't render in less than 10 seconds (maybe 30 if I'm feeling very lenient) I will just push BACK and forget about that link. I don't think I'm unique in that. And did you ever consider all the people accessing the web with underpowered, cheap and basic phones? You're just excluding them, just like you're excluding me.

Web devs of the world, please take this seriously. You're losing traffic and audience, and I'm losing time and battery power. So please make the world a better place, and cut back on your obese JavaScript usage. Make us happy, make us proud! Hint, hint ;-)