Tiga GameHackDays 2013, day 1

Here's a short report of today's game hacking session: we've arrived sort of late (18h) to the first day of Tiga GameHackDays and discovered to our dismay that there was only hacking time until 20.30 as the venue had to be closed by then...

So in that time we've done a quick brainstorming about what sort of game we were going to develop. It had to be simple, and to make things easy maybe have some sort of random/procedurally generated content.

I had already convinced her to abandon Ruby and Gosu and use JavaScript instead, so that we can publish the game in a website and everyone can play with it: easy distribution!

But there was still a remaining question: should we use one of those game-making libraries or not? At the end we've settled on using Three.js as she's got some experience using it and I have already built several projects with Three.js, so we think we should be able to build a game without learning a new library at the same time. It's funny that there were more teams saying they were going to use Three.js too, even teams who are used to work with C#. I find it still more ironic considering that the event is co-sponsored by Microsoft, heh!

She's created a (private) github repository and added me to the project. Although today we've basically pair programmed, to define the initial structure and because we've changed a lot of things as we went. We might work in parallel tomorrow.

We had already put our brains in hacking mode so we couldn't just stop at 20.30! Fortunately we've found an empty table at Cafe Prague in Shoreditch and we've programmed for two more hours, in the midst of loud music and strange punters, as the custom mandates. Although I am pretty sure they thought we were the weirdos! But anything can happen in Hipsterland...

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be able to get a lot of work done as we'll be at the venue earlier, but I'm glad that we already have some (can you guess it?) cubes representing game items, and a sphere that represents the player, plus some keyboard input, and the player moves accordingly.

I'll try to add some pictures of the venue tomorrow--might even try to live blog which is something I haven't done in a loooong while! Bye until then! :-)