Speaking at CascadiaJS 2014


The news is finally out of the box! I'm speaking again at CascadiaJS!

I had a blast--no, make it A BLAST-- past year when speaking there. I got super good feedback and lots of ideas after my talk, and the community was really welcoming and nice. I met tons of people who I have stayed in touch with since then, and whom I am totally looking forward to meet again! :-)

So I am super thrilled to be there again. There, but not quite there--because they make it happen on a different city from Cascadia each year. First year was Seattle, past year Vancouver and this year it's Portland. (Maybe I'll have the chance to play with those sweet arcade machines again...!)

I will be doing something different this time and not giving a purely technical talk. I'm going to talk about making the most of your failures (and turning them to your advantage!). Not sure how it'll turn out, but if doesn't go well, we'll just embrace the failure ;)

Edit: apparently it turned out quite OK! Here's the recording: