Random thoughts on a day off

I didn't take all my holidays in 2014 (gasp!) and there's a UK company policy that mandates that you either take the remaining days before the end of March or they are gone. GONE FOREVER. Can you believe that?

In light of this and the fact that I actually need to chill down or then I get burn out, I already took some holidays in February, but there was this float day left... and so here we are, on this random Friday which I have taken off.

What do you do when you have a day off? Some people might have done a 3 day trip, but I am traveling so much lately that my only wish is to remain as moderately stationary as I can. I could have planned some activity in London. But that would go against the whole purpose of chilling down and not having the brain in 'work' mode. So I didn't plan anything other than: I would just do whatever I felt like doing when I woke up.

I had breakfast. Then it was sunny. I went to the park. There are some flowers already! Spring is coming, there's no denying it: I didn't need to wear a hat or anything for the first time in mooonths. I even wore my sunglasses. Amazing!

I went to a cafe I hadn't been before. The coffee was pretty terrible but the place was lovely. I have become a coffee snob and I must live with that now. Agh.

I checked twitter. Tracy was mentioning that her cellphone is smashed and technophiles were looking at her judgmentally in the plane:


As a person who loves to wear her possessions down until the point that they are faded out and scratched and all, I see no problem on that...

And this reminded me of a conversation I had with Jen a while ago, where we talked about this kind of people who, when hearing that you make music, start questioning your instrument of choice:

Wow, you use Reason? How can you get anything good out of it?

Then they would start enumerating all the gear in their home studio and how so much better it is than whatever you use. And then we would interrupt them because we're dead bored of this attitude already, and ask them:

Yes, and where's your music? What have you MADE with all that gear?

Blank stares, of course. Cataloguing rather than making.

Don't catalogue. Go make something! Or go outside! It's a beautiful day! :-)