Reading list, 1

16-22 March 2015

I used to do some sort of reading list posts a few years ago but then came twitter and the sharing of links there, so I stopped, but then everyone started sharing things in twitter and it's now impossible to reference links or even remember who linked to what. So--back to the blog it is!

Why? I really enjoy reading Bruce Lawson's weekly reading list (example). I like this notion of weekly curated posts: it gives me an idea of what's up in the web through the eyes of a person, not a bunch of random popular links on twitter. Big data is fine and all that jazz, but sometimes it's too chaotic to make any sense.

I also want to bring more content to my website, if nothing else out of pure egoism, as it makes it easier for me to reference interesting stuff, and I know someone (i.e. me) will take care of it without having to accept a different set of terms of conditions every 6 months ;-)

And maybe other people are interested on my view? We'll see. Hopefully this time I'll keep on doing it.

This is published too late for various reasons, but I'll try to make it a Sunday thing from now on... so you have something to procrastinate about first thing in the Monday morning =)