Stop wasting my time

Here's my mini Monday rant before I move on to packing and preparing for my trip to JSConf.UY:

Quite often people ask me to proofread/review their blog posts, proposals, all sorts of texts, really. I feel honoured that they trust me and I certainly want them to succeed, so I try to help as much as I can.

My advice often boils down to:

  • shorten sentences
  • split them so they're readable
  • delete stuff
  • rewrite the rest, and often with a suggestion of how
Do you know what most of the people do? They make one silly little change and ignore the rest.

Do you know what effect does it have on me? I'm utterly disappointed.

I spend my ultra precious time to go through the fluff of an unedited article, spend expensive brain cycles deciphering what the author really meant and figuring out how to make it clear for someone who does not know the author, and give sound suggestions, based on real experience... and they ignore my advice!!

Harrumph! 👹