Because tomorrow is going to be a very good day!
I also found several London Underground blogs and i have been reading with attention what the london underground staff thinks about working in the tube, talking with customers, etc. Lots of tales there... Funny to see how they relate their arguments with stupid tourists which leave their luggage unattended, or how they call the Northern, er Misery Line...

One of those blogs is the London Underground's Life. From that one, just let yourself go, follow the links and find more tube blogs.

And this evening I was coming back home, more or less comfortably seating on an almost empty Central Line carriage, when I suddenly heard a bump over the glass on my side and found a semi drunken victim of latest Madonna song, Hung Up, which couldn't help herself shouting once and once again a loud Time goes back... so slowly... time goes back...

Would have been nicer if she had had a nicer voice. In fact she more or less sounded like an outtuned violin... almost all of us there were trying to not to laugh in her face, as she was certainly enjoying this sudden attention spot.

They also say tomorrow is going to snow. Who knows?