Randomly scattered rantings

(in ps style)

so it was friday at last, i was really looking forward to the week to end, a bit bored of being alone in the office but also quite ok as i had complete power over the conditioned air and the office temperature - that is, i opened the window almost all of the time as i completely hate conditioned air. somehow it makes me feel sick. i try not to think about it, but the fact that the same air which circulates in the room gets aspired and circulates inside that machine which may have lots of strange lifeforms inside does not make me feel ok.

to start with, the escalator on the tube was not working. gosh! how can people be so slow for getting down a stair? i don't understand it. worse of all is that they don't think of moving to the right, they might think that they are fast enough to be on the left. so they block my way! thanks to them, i always get to the platform when train doors are closing... grrr...

and there (in the office) arrived the other guy which was on holidays past week. seems like he didn't remember his holidays had finished (eooo! you're here for woooorking!). normally i ignore people which does nothing, unless they had the idea of having a little nap in the office or even worse, if they snore, which is absolutely unacceptable. but this time it was different. i had to tell him what he had to do so i was going to be the boss, yeah! and there he was writing e-mails and chatting (by msn and phone). boh! this kind of behaviours disturb me, as i had to take the work he produced (whenever he decided to do that) and integrate it with the app. nevertheless, i let him in his laziness and continued with my tasks.

lunch time was a bit sad, as today has been a very cloudy day, so the square where i use to go was very empty, no people at all giving the space a picnic/party-alike looking. it appeared quite void and boring, really gray. luckily there were two girls talking near me and i could listen to them complaining about spain, mmmm, they said they would never come back to spain (yes, they were spanish), well, don't want to start another paragraph complaining myself about spain. stop!

when i finished my salad i still felt a bit hungry (i didn't calculate properly how many salad could fit inside my plastic box so i ate a very little quantity and was feeling like starving), so i went to a newspapers and bought one of those flapjacks. those are my late discovering. each time i can i try a different one. first one was the chocolate covered one and today it's been a moka one. they are like oats bars but not so crunchy as the typical cereal bar, and have a touch of lemon. it's a bit weird for my taste yet, but i suppose that i'll get used (or bored).

i had still some time before coming back to the office so i decided to take a look around the building. i don't know almost anything about the environment where i work, and he was right, so i have decided to investigate a bit to see what's around.

and as one could expect, great picture opportunities only come when you don't bring the camera with you, as it was my case. there was a box on a building entrance, with a little message attached which said "Help yourself", and lots of books inside the box. so a man had just taken one book and said happily to me: Shakespeare! and left the place with his free book. and i couldn't take a picture. boooh!

the afternoon was as usual as the morning, and when arriving at st. paul's, a lot of people on the platform, a defective train in holborn, and more than a half of battery level in my ipod. ok, i said, i have battery for the worst possible delays, and it's friday. but didn't had to invoke the power of the ipod, in 4 minutes there were two consecutive trains (i of course took the second one to be able to breath). after seeing that at last some visible changes could be seen inside queensway (which is closed until may 2006, and the changes were simply new white speakers, uhm, may they be sponsorized by apple?), i finally arrived at notting hill and it was like a joke, the escalators for going up weren't working again, so there was a mass of people which didn't want to go upstairs walking, and also blocked the access to the normal stairs. i somehow managed to reach the stairs and it was even worse than when going down.

how can people be SO SLOW? i felt like if i had the need of pressing all of them and help them so as to move a bit faster!

and now i feel very asleepy so i'll go and sleep and tomorrow i hope to be able to do something more useful than what i did today. see u.