A rare atmosphere

There are days in which I notice a weird ambient, and it's got nothing to do with the weather, but with the feelings the environment generates in myself. It's a bit hard to explain anyway, but those days everything is normal but strange at the same time.

For example, yesterday. I went to Victoria Station in the morning and, as usual, it was closed due to overcrowding, so I thought I had to wait while their No Entry display was flashing and beeping like if it was a war emergency siren. Ok, normal, I thought. But no, as soon as I stopped walking, the alarm stopped sounding and they opened the doors.

Then I expected to find lots of people on the platform and suffer the typical sardine syndrom of the Victoria line, with retarded passengers packing in front of the doors while having lots of space between the seats. But then it appeared a completely empty train which allowed to take all the people which was on the platform (and it was three rows of waiting people). I always wonder where do the empty trains appear, specially when it is supposed to come from Vauxhall and Brixton (which is not closed yet), so it's not an station which is the beginning/end of the line. Quite weird, and ghostly somehow.

I even got a seat, which is something one can't usually get until we arrive to Green Park or even Oxford Circus, although I have to say that the retarded passengers made their usual act and positioned themselves just near the doors even if the rest of the carriage was empty. That was the punch of normality in all of that...