It's funny to see how the English actually caracterize a summer by the number of heatwave days it has. I first noticed that when reading The Sandcastle, by Iris Murdoch, long time ago. I didn't live yet in UK so I didn't really understand their concept. Now that I am here I absolutely love when a heatwave appears and I immediately feel the need to expose myself to the heat and the sunshine, as maybe next day it will be pouring with rain. Like today. I had to do some stuff before going to work and when I realized that I didn't need the jacket - it was annoying me, in fact, I so had that tentation to call and say I was ill and go to any park instead to relax in the green... but I'm so responsible that I didn't do that.

There are places which enhance great days and convert them into superb, like where I was. It is just near a little street market, and the sunshine with the myriad of colours of the fruits and vegetables, and the sound of the people in the coffee houses with open windows made it a very oilish scene.

God bless heatwaves!! (within reason, of course). Oh and just less than three months for holidays... ;;)