The making of "tube"/xplsv

tube screenshot

Getting the right music, and the right inspiration

Some years ago, in the almost already forgotten summer of 2003, I was sent an unfinished test song using the characteristic samples one can get using fuzzion's 4k synth. I think it was made for an intro, but it was forgotten.

Months later the song was a bit more advanced and it had more stuff - almost finished! It had passed through sml's and wizard's ears too. This time I really liked the song and thought that I wanted to do something with it, although I didn't know yet what exactly. So I just converted it to mp3, copied it to the ipod and let it appear whenever the random mode decided. One day while I was in a Circle Line train, entering Moorgate station, the song was playing and I had something like a vision, when I saw the platforms along with the signs, the sensation of movement that fitted with the song and its somehow agressive feeling... and I decided that I would do something related with the tube!

Then almost a whole year was spent developing something to be able to do the demo, as I switched to mac, and also wanted to do demos in a more decent/cleaner way that I was doing until that moment. And finally as I got the tickets for Breakpoint06, I decided that I definitely would do the tube demo for BP06, as I knew that it would rock big time to see it on the bigscreen.

At the beginning I thought of alternating 3d scenes with the 2d animations that I was going to put in there, but since I didn't manage to get a decent port to opengl of neonv2's graphics engine, I just set apart that idea and concentrated on getting the best animations I could get.

How to record in the tube (without looking suspicious)

That part was really funny. I borrowed a camera which is way more discreet than mine, and a 1GB memory stick that was for the PSP, and just headed towards the tube on a nice sunday evening.

Why I chose sunday and not any other day of the week as it would have been more representative of the real stress of the daily commuting it's relatively simple: when there's so many people you would have seen only the first row of people and maybe think that I was taking pictures in a protest march. So that's why it just shows half empty trains and stations.

With that camera it was relatively easy to take pictures as it is quite small and doesn't do any noise when switching it on (in contrast to mine!). So most of the time I just walked as if I was going to take a train, with the camera in my hand - and recording it all!

I also wanted to be discreet not because of the passengers, but because of some news I had heard about people being arrested and their camera confiscated just when they were shooting pictures in tube stations. Just in case they were evil terrorists and were getting information of how the station was. For destroying it according to the plans. You know!

The worst of all was when recording the final part, which is actually how the Central Line trains enter Bank from Liverpool Street. I had to redo that one like three times because it didn't got recorded properly. Either bad angle, not looking good enough (the train stopping at the entering and somehow destroying the speed sensation, etc). So I had to change to the opposite direction and turn back to Liverpool Street again, and cross the fingers so nobody in the control room could notice a girl dressed with a blue electric jacket entering three times the station, and taking the train of the opposite platform three times too.

Imagine if they had asked me:

- What are you doing? - oh just recording some movies for breakpoint 06 demo compo - a compo!! it doesn't sound right! it sounds violent - errrrr....
I also arrived until the ultramodern Canary Wharf station (where some movie was shot, if I'm not wrong) and took lots of pictures there, but they didn't fit at all in the demo. Apart from the "severe delays" pictures, everything else got discarded as it wasn't dynamic enough. It was so empty on a Sunday!! One can't appreciate any movement sensation if there's no reference point, like people, etc. Oh and it was so damn cold in Canary Wharf! I had to put my hat on while taking pictures of the outside...

Most of the moving images are from Victoria and Westminster stations. I missed lots of footage video as I thought that I was recording but actually I hadn't pressed properly the button. So novice!

Locations - for the map/tube addicts

Tube locations So finally my travel consisted in:

  • Victoria - Westminster (with the District line)
  • Westminster - Canary Wharf (Jubilee Line)
  • Canary Wharf - London Bridge (Jubilee Line)
  • London Bridge - Bank (Northern Line)
  • Bank - Liverpool Street, and Liverpool Street - Bank, three times (Central Line)
  • Bank - Oxford Circus (Central Line)
  • Oxford Circus - Victoria (Victoria Line)
and not it didn't cost me much money since I just went out the tube itself in Canary Wharf for taking pictures of the skyscrappers :)

Coding horror

Then we have the nightmare the day before the party. I had let until the last moment the step of doing a final test in my pc. (I developed it in mac as I said). Horror happens and it happens more specifically the night before, when tired and almost aslept you get to test your demo in a pc and then discover that everything turns white. ARGH!!!!!!!!! It wasn't even a black screen, it was all completely white. I just said ok ... I'm going to release it in the wild compo, I don't care if they don't accept mac entries in the demo compo, I want to sleep. And I absolutely did.

I suppose a real coder would have stayed all night trying to find out which was the bug but as I'm not a real coder I just let the pillow give me some advice. Of course, the next morning I hadn't thought of any solution for the bug yet. I even didn't find anything until for some reason I ran the demo in fullscreen in my mac and WTF!!! it was WHITE!! What was happening there?

Well it was actually quite stupid. I did some very basic filters, reading from the current framebuffer and manipulating the data. But just some filters used one code I saw in one page which said: glRead(GL_FRONT);

I simply had sticked it in my code without noticing any performance difference, so I just let it be there. Buuuuuut that was a very bad and irresponsible idea! Depending on the graphic drivers, the FRONT buffer had something - or not. In my old pc it didn't make a difference, but in the test one it made everything go white. And I don't know why, I hadn't tested the faulty filters in full screen in my mac. Maybe in fullscreen the opengl gets like a different context or something like that (I don't have any clue, I must recognize), and that's why it showed different results when running in a window or in fullscreen.

I proceeded to remove that code from every place where it appeared and voila! it was working perfectly fullscreen on mac! Then Corsario/tlotb offered to help me to compile a win32 version - and hence release the demo in the demo compo.

Forget libc

I used visual studio 6 in my old pc. It worked pretty well - apart from thousands of warnings from the STL, of course. But Corsario had Visual Studio 2003 and Visual Studio 2005. He said it should be ok. Of course, it wasn't. There was some kind of funky incompatibility with the headers that my project included and what MSVS2003 decided that was ok. Basicly they had deprecated (and removed) libc!

But Corsario managed to identify which of the libraries introduced the libc dependency and replaced it with a compatible and appropiate (for VS) header. And oh it worked quite well! :)

The remaining was simply a question of putting the nice layers in a more or less meaningful order, and syncronize things a bit. Alsi, wizard did another pattern for the song so it could get a bit more polished. So we had another star in our team!! :D As you see, it's very easy to do a demo! You should do one too!