I just saw "Death Line" and thought...

... that maybe it may be better that you just ignore that movie at all, as it's even worse that one could imagine. But if you feel really curious, you can find the details for this tube ambiented movie in imdb: Death Line.

I could never think that I would say that Creep (Your journey terminates here) it's cool, but in comparison with this one, it completely rocks. The stories are quite similar: people which get suddenly kidnapped when travelling or working on the underground. At least with Creep you can feel some panic or scare, while with Death Line (also called Raw Meat) the only thing you can feel is a mix of disgust and boredom.

The only interesting bit that I found was seeing how was the tube in 1972. It's funny to see how little has it changed, specially since I'm reading some books about Tube history. It's also amazing the little light that there was in those days, with just some poor lightbulbs in the corridors and staircases. And the people smoked inside the trains! ARGH! I could say that the trains which appear in the film are the same model -if not the same train itself- than the old District Line trains which have those ball-shaped holders hanging from the ceiling, and are still in service. A pic here, look at the ceiling... (each time I use one of those trains I can't but feel compelled to hit those balls as if they were punching bags! :D)

Although I don't know if that's been an artistic license, but I never knew that District Line trains went through Russell Square (where the movie action is located). Nowadays map locates Russell Square in the Piccadilly line, so I tend to believe that is an error. Same goes for the location of the "abandoned British Museum station" where the evil monster stores his victims, which is in the Central Line, not the Piccadilly Line. So even if Russell Square is quite near the British Museum I'm not really certain that both tunnels were actually connected.

I think I have to investigate about this! And you, well... you can try to see the movie actually, but only if you feel really curious and have a gore-proof stomach! And if you can understand spanish, here's my post about Creep, almost one year ago: Argh.