Sundown 06 - Oldskool graphics compo (and brief today's summary)

Hmmm ... finally managed to get internet working. They have just shown the graphics for the oldskool compo, using the original machines!

There have been three entries, which is pretty amazing for nowadays standards :P

I loved the one called Water of wild agony, the title is amazing, and even if it's 128 colours it has some reminiscences of EGA color palette, don't know why...

This midday the founder of Ubuntu, Mark (!), came to the party and proposed a new demo category: creating a short intro for being shown while the system is booting, for promoting the demoscene at the same time than we stop boring the user with a plain progress bar. Reactions to this have been mixed, and people are still shocked and doubtful about it. Smash and Navis are discussing about experiments and generating data. Experimental is the word of this demo compo, I presume.

More to come later... I have to upload my mp3 entry!