"escena.org dentro v2" sources released

Escena.org dentro v2

So here's the last installment of my demoscene sources: escena.org dentro version 2. It was done for past year's Inspire democompo and it won (incidentally, there weren't any other entries in the compo but hey, it's not my fault! :P).

This demo used a different approach; instead of building a whole scaffolding of C++ classes I just wrote some glue code with C++ in order to be able to draw something with OpenGL, and scripted everything else using Lua. It was also a bit of a benchmark. The result isn't bad, given my lack of experience with Lua :)

Here's the HD video (and here's on vimeo, if you prefer it to youtube), and finally, here are the sources.

PS: The count down goes on to 1, and...