"re:fritos" sources released

ppg06: refritos

Since the code for re:fritos is pretty much the same than the one from tube, porting it to Linux has been pretty much easy. So here's another batch of demoscene sources! This demo is totally different from tube. While tube is highly aggressive and reflects perfectly the daily fight to get to your final destination on time, re:fritos is a cheeky, for-fun only, demo.

While porting this demo to Linux, I found something strange. Once I finally got everything compiled again, and executed the demo, I got a super segfault when initializing one of the resources in the demo. The SEGFAULT more exactly happened when calling std_vector::push_back. The fun begins when I tell you that this very source had also been compiled in mac and in windows, always using gcc, and never got any problem when executing it, and the machine was way less powerful than this one (just compare a Quad Core vs a humble Powerbook G4 or Mac Mini).

Trying to find out why was that happening, I suspected it could be something to do with the heap size or the stack size, although I didn't quite know why should I have that problem. I did a test in which the effect used less interpolation points (and therefore used less memory), and the SEGFAULT didn't happen, so that confirmed my suspicions in some way. But why? Some forums suggested to have a look at ulimits and see if that would shed any light but it didn't really help me (or I don't quite know how to read those results). Looking somewhere else, they suggested to add the #include <new> line. I tried it, quite skeptically to be honest, and to my surprise, the demo worked! I'm still puzzled by this. I guess that maybe Xcode included that header or linked to it when building, but I still don't now what's the purpose of that header. Must investigate.

Anyway, enjoy the demo, have a peek at the code, or if you know anything about this mysterious new and segfault issue, do let me know!

PS: And the count down goes on! 2...