Speaking at WebVisions Barcelona 2014

I'll be speaking at WebVisions Barcelona next June 19-21! The topic is, of course... audio! But this time, it's audio for the masses. Let's use audio everywhere!

London will probably be a little miserable and damp by then so I'm sorta excited to spend a few days in a warmer climate and ALSO talk JavaScript and audio. Nothing can go wrong with that combination. Also I think the Sonar festival happens early that week so maybe you could go to Sonar first, get fascinated with the weird instruments and installations, and then come listen to my talk later that week to find out how to build your own experimental instrument.

By the way--I've been told that readers of this blog can use promo code SOLE for a 20% discount in the ticket price.

*NOTE: this is one of the three posts I wanted to write past week!